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Hello again, kind humans!

We’d like to give a special thank you for contributing
to our last campaign. We raised funding and awareness for Justice for Our Neighbors and they thank you too. They’ll use that money to continue providing free legal services to immigrants and refugees seeking legal citizenship. We couldn’t be happier about the support we’ve received from our community and from people all over the country who’ve proven that KINDING is contagious. Whether you supported When Humans Kind with a purchase or took a moment to spread the word via Instagram or Facebook, we appreciate it all and we’re grateful for you. We can’t do what we do without
your support.

It’s taken us a few months to gear up for our new charity partnership. We’re thrilled to debut new products, new stories and to tell you what matters to us and why. When Humans Kind is pumped to officially launch our second campaign in partnership with Kids’ Food Basket!

As promised, we’ve created fresh designs in collaboration with our guest illustrator Dave Battjes. The new Kindness Matters design is sharp, colorful and sends just the right message. Dave also created our new Kind Kiddo design and we’re geeked to see little pals running around and spreading the word that they are kind to the core. Check out all the new items on our site and remember that we’re kinding it forward by donating 10% of all you spend to Kid’s Food Basket this quarter.

There are a lot of things that matter in life. This quarter we’re focusing on the essentials. The most basic needs all humans share are food, water and shelter. We’re teaming up with an org. tackling one of these fundamental needs head on… food for children. Kids’ Food Basket is taking on childhood hunger by pulling resources together to provide evening meals, or “sack suppers” as they call them, for thousands of children in families living near or below the poverty line. They’re making sure kids have the nourishment they need to stay healthy, active and learning. Did you know that 1 in 5 Michigan children are affected by hunger and thousands of West Michigan’s kids are food insecure, meaning they can’t count on having access to fresh, nourishing food every day.

We took a tour through Kid’s Food Basket’s Grand Rapids head quarters with the founding CEO, Bridget Clark-Whitney. We made it fun by pinging questions at Bridget in a few segments we’re calling, Kind Questions. Check out what she had to say about Kid’s Food Basket’s mission, operations, volunteers and the shocking volume of sack suppers they supply to kiddos all over West Michigan every day.

If you’re one of our many kind followers living in a different state you may have an org doing similar work in your area. We’d love to hear about it. Kid’s Food Basket is doing something this year that is groundbreaking… literally. They have begun construction on a 30,000 sq. ft. facility that will become the new HQ and production space for all the sack suppers they provide. But here’s what we’re bowled over by… They will also have a farm on their new property. The Kid’s Food Basket farm will grow fresh, seasonal foods that will be included in balanced meals.

Providing food for kids in need, that’s kind. Providing organic, nutritious fruits and
veggies from your own farm so kids can have the very best supper possible, that’s heroic!

Now it’s up to us to show our support for Kid’s Food Basket and their inspiring kindness. As we say at When Humans Kind, just “click, buy, kind”!

CLICK – through to the WHK site
BUY – any item on our site for you, a pal or a kiddo…
KIND – we’ll kind it forward by donating 10% to Kid’s Food Basket.

Thanks for sharing and reposting too! We’ve had a lot of good new followers kinding it up because you showed them that you care to kind. Share it up with all your favorite humans.


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